Rick Ross Comes Off The Top (Pg. 6)


“Free Mason” And “B.M.F.” (Rick Ross)

Khaled says: Working on Ross’ new album Teflon Don was crazy. He’s one of my best friends. In my opinion, he just continues to get better and better—he’s unpredictable. When he played me the “Free Mason” verse, we both said “We gotta get Jay-Z” at the same exact time. We both knew instantly! He came up with “Free Mason” himself. Ross went to get the verse while Jay was on tour, man. He was deteremined.

For “B.M.F.”, we were on the tour bus on our way to D.C., just messin’ around fresstylin’. And I was like, “You aint writing this down?” So our video guy Spiff started writing down the lyrics. Then we got into a real studio and it was just so easy for him. Before the world knew Rick Ross, and even before he got hot in Miami, he was lyrical beast on the mixtapes. Joints like “Hustlin,” “B.M.F.”—he does them in his sleep.