On The Road: What The Ladies of Dirty Money Have To Have In Their Bag

We have a CVS in our bag. Anything you need you can check in our bag and changes are we have it. Since we spend so much time on the road or in the studio finishing up Last Train To Paris, we have to live outside of our bags. Here are the must-haves we can’t leave home without. – Dawn & Kalenna, Diddy Dirty Money

1.  “Dope sunglasses. I carry several in the bag.” – Kalenna

2 & 12.  “I always have an extra pair of clothes just in case I have to do an all-nigther and have to do the walk of shame. I always have a shirt and undies.” – Dawn

3. “I listen to my music with my Beats by Dre.” – Kalenna

4. “However, I talk on the phone with my Diddy Beats. People ask why what I’m doing.” – Kalenna

5.  Altoids

6. Deodorant

7. Nail polish

8. “We need our  Macbooks” – Dawn

9.  Flat iron

10.  Toothbrush

11. Mac Clear Lip Glass. You don’t know when someone is going to run up on you and you can’t have crusty lips.” – Kalenna

What do you have in your bag?