A Short Convo With… DJ Khaled (Pg. 2)

Are Rick Ross and Young Jeezy really beefin’?

First of all, Jeezy is a great friend of mine. Ross and Jeezy are friends and are in a very great situation. They can never be at beef. We ain’t taking it no way. Ross and Jeezy “Put Your Hands Up” with me. They did “Fed Up” with me. Jeezy and I had numerous records. So obviously, there’s a friendship there, you see me? People are trying to stir up controversy, that’s just part of the game. But there’s absolutely no beef. I got love for Jeezy.

You said you want to get Beyoncé and Alicia Keys on a record together, too. What would that sound like?

If I had a chance to work with Beyonce or Alicia Keys, I would want to take them into my world. Imagine Alicia Keys singing “We Takin’ Over.” You know, Khaled, I make anthems. So if I ain’t have Akon on “We Takin’ Over,” imagine her singing [the hook]. Imagine Alicia Keys singing “Out Here Grinding.” And the same thing for Beyoncé. And I want to work with Eminem. If you could pass that message for me, I’d appreciate it. 

Consider it done. Anyone else you’ve been dying to work with?

I want to work with Dr. Dre. I want to actually get in the studio and make a beat with him and put him on a hook.

Yeah, that would be dope, maybe even for that Eminem track.

Could be. But I got a whole another vision for that Eminem track. It’s something that I’ve been having from the beginning of my career. So I kind of got that already mastered in my head, I just need him to say, “Lets do it.”

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