A Short Convo with…Dirty Money’s Dawn & Kalenna (Pg 2)

Dawn: It’s hard for me to watch those episodes. That was a very hard time for me. People expect you to be looking gorgeous at all time. People are laughing at you cause they think it’s a great show and they don’t understand you are trying to make it. I know no one is prepared for that.

Kalenna: A camera better not ever be in my face 24/7. [Laughs.]

Dawn: We looked crazy. [Laughs.]

There is a sense of mystery surrounding the two of you. Both of you are in serious relationships yet we hear nothing about it. How do you protect you relationships and keep it going strong?

Kalenna: You need to make him feel that he is a big part of your life. Even if we’re in an hotel I get up and start cleaning up just so she knows he has a woman a real woman who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty for him. I want him to feel secure. He need to know that if anything every happens to him and he can’t do for himself, I am the one that’s gonna wipe his ass and properly. Be a wholesome woman in his eyes and treat him kind. Even if there is a bartender in the room you still offer to get his drink.

Dawn: We carry ourselves as a queen so treat your man as a king. You aren’t there a lot and relationships are work and keep your relationship beautiful.


“Diddy…called me at 5 am to ask if I’d be interested in being in his new group. It’s like someone asking you to marry you after 3 days.” – Kalenna


How did the two of you come together?

Kalenna: We were both writing on Diddy’s album to get his shit hot. We were hustling. I was being a mother and wife. I met Puff on several occasions: as an artist, as a writer, through Jazzy Phae and Big John who kept telling him about me. Finally, he wanted me to stay with him a couple days to write. During that time Dawn made it to Daddy’s House to work. Guess Diddy liked the chemistry and called me at 5am to ask if I’d be interested in being in his new group. It’s like someone asking you to marry you after 3 days

Dawn: My call with Diddy went like this: “So yeah, baby girl look, I feel like you…met Kalenna…I think it would be good if you would be in my group. I know how you feel about it I didn’t know how you feel about being in a group with another chick. We could do your solo project or we could do this group thing.” It was 7 months since Danity Kane ended. I love what I’m hearing with his new music. I wanted to be part of the bigger picture.

Girl Groups get such a bad rap. What has it been like working with another woman so closely?

Kalenna: Coming into this biz you have to know who you are and be real. Sometimes relationships, friends come for seasons. Dirty Money is something I wanted to be a life long thing. Of course we want to do solo projects but I love Dawn like my sister and I would cut someone for her. When she does a solo project and I’ll be right there singing background. We really love each other. There is no ego, no competition.  It’s only two of us. We good.

Dawn: This is a marriage and you have to know why you are marrying the person you are getting into the relationship for.

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