Sippin’ On Some Sizzurp: JaMarcus Russell’s iPod (Pg. 4)

Paul Wall, “Sippin’ Tha Barre”

Codeine by any other name tastes just as sweet. Just ask the People’s Champ, who refers to it as “barre” here.




Gorilla Zoe, feat. Jody Breeze “Purple Drank”

The former Boyz N Tha Hood rappers show a little love to their favorite kind of drink on this mixtape cut.




Three 6 Mafia, feat. Lil Flip, “Rainbow Colors”

Another Three 6 jam? Yessir! On this one, Juicy J and DJ Paul reveal what happens when you drop a handful of Jolly Ranchers into your codeine. Taste the rainbow, bitches!




Pimp C, feat. Mike Jones and Bun B, “Pourin’ Up”

At the height of the Houston hip-hop movement, these three Texas rappers came together to record this intoxicating ode to keeping their cups filled.




Mistah FAB, “Sippin’ Lean”

West Coast rappers like their lean poured to the brim. Bay Area rapper Mistah FAB also gets in on the action by borrowing the beat from Pimp C’s “Pourin’ Up” to create this codeine cut.


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