Sisqo Talks Working With R. Kelly, DMX & Mya


Hell yeah! I hope I can get R. Kelly to write something on my new album [too]. I don’t hold grudges. It’s a small thing especially if you know you ain’t do nothing to the person. But I guess they have to work out what they got going on in themselves. But I don’t mind it. Thanks for keeping my name out here while I’m over here in Germany and shit [Laughs].

Hopefully you can also recreate something similar to “What These Bitches Want” with DMX.

I miss X too. I hope he does make a comeback. It would be awesome if on my new project I could let him do a rap where I sing. Like, do the reverse of how I sang the hook on his. That would be dope. As a matter of fact I started working with a song with Dame Grease for my next solo project and he was gonna do a rap on it but that was when he had to go do his bid and I hadn’t spoken to him since.

Word on the street is you’re also trying to get back into movies and have your sights set on playing Bruce Leroy in a remake of The Last Dragon.

Hell yeah! I’m the dragon! My first album was Unleash the Dragon, my second album was Return of the Dragon, and my new album is Last Dragon, no “The.” I’m the same complexion as Taimak and my hair is curly too. Most of my dance moves have kung fu in them. Give me a month of training and I can definitely pull it off. I think it would be dope where if I did the movie I’d use my regular hair color and then when I get the glow my shit could turn blond, bam! And then the movie soundtrack could be my album. And maybe Mya could play Vanity part [Laughs].

 You wrote songs for her back when she first came out. Do you still talk?

 Yeah, we actually did another duet for my new album so we’ll see when the time comes if the song is still relevant and if it makes the cut.

 Do you plan on following in her footsteps with Dancing With The Stars?

It’s funny because they asked me to be a part of that before. I think it was the season that Mario had done it but I think I threw them off because they asked me if I had any dance training. They asked me what I had been doing for the passed year and I had gone into the underground dance community real heavy, especially with the America’s Best Dance Crew thing. It’s a whole world under everything that you know or see. These guys that dance for me or Usher or Chris Brown spend hours and hours in these dance workshops and I was just with them getting my chops up and that’s what I told them and I think it threw them off because when they bring somebody on there they want them to be off the scene and not have much dance background. I was like, “Well, I never did no ballroom dancing,” but I don’t know why they didn’t want me to do it because Mya had some dancing background as well. But to me it seems the whole premise of the show was to take someone from one level and put them on another level and I think maybe I didn’t fit the format of what they wanted but we’ll see maybe in the future. I need my own reality show anyway.

Everyone else seems to have one so where’s yours?

We shall see. It might be something going on in a mansion in Miami some time soon but I don’t know…

Okay, so we’ll just say a little birdie told us that Sisqo getting his own reality show is a strong possibility.

[Both laugh]

But back to Dru Hill, what are your overall goals for the group?

I really just want to get my music out there and let the people know that I still got it and that we can still do what we do. Hopefully the new generation of music fans accept it the same way that fans did before. It has always been an uphill battle. We always go against what people say is the traditional and what people believe is supposed to work and so far it’s been working for us. If you look at acts like Frankie Beverly and Maze and even Keith Sweat or The O Jays, a lot of the old school groups are still performing and still touring because what they do is real. Hopefully because of the fact that our music is real, hopefully that will translate to a successful project.


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