Story Time: DJ Khaled Shares His 6 Bessst(!) Studio Sessions

DJ Khaled is more than just the guy behind the turntables. Getting his start on Miami radio with Uncle Luke in the late ’90s, the Palestinian jack of all trades has risen through the ranks, juggling duties as a label executive, promoter, record producer and liaison between today’s biggest rappers. His U.N.-worthy people skills has led Khaled to become responsible for some of the decade’s biggest Hip-Hop collaborations, including posse cuts featuring T-Pain, T.I., Lil Wayne, and Busta Rhymes.

“I try to be face to face with every artist I work with,” says Khaled, who flies his engineer to meet with artists when he can’t make sessions. “We have to at least talk and get on the same vibe.”

Now four albums deep with this latest LP, Victory, the current President of Def Jam South gives us the inside look on how some of his most memorable hits were created. —Mikey Fresh