Stovell Speaks On ‘Who’s Your Daddy’ Tees And Clears Up Coincidences (Pg. 2)

Aside from financial reasons, why do you think Gloria is trying to block you from LeBron now?

Well, that’s something I prefer not to speculate about. But I have attributed what would appear to be some motivations in the complaint that appear accurate to me. At some point she decided to misrepresent who Lebron’s father really is. And the exhibit attached to the complaint also shows that she didn’t declare who Lebron’s father is at the time of his birth.

But you never tried to directly contact LeBron prior him making it into the NBA?

I had no reason to have any special interest in Lebron until approximately 2006 when I asked whether or not I had a son. At no time, did Gloria ever cross my mind after our second encounter in June of ‘84. It amazes me, too… that that I forgot about our encounter.

Is it just coincidence that your multi-million dollar law suit comes around the same time of LeBron joining the Miami Heat?

It’s completely unrelated. The reason I wanted to file the lawsuit before June was to maximize the number of arguments and the terms of limitation periods on the various clauses of action I’m bringing also were a factor. For example, I’m alleging fraud by Gloria James with respective representations on a phone call that she made in July of 2007, and I’m pretty sure the District of Columbia, where I’m filing has a three year limitation period on those cases. That is what is dictating the timing of my lawsuit.

Tell us about your childhood. Did you grow up with your father?

I grew up in a pretty normal middle class neighborhood. My parents divorced when I was young but I saw my father regular and maintained a close relationship with him.

As an active attorney yourself, aren’t you concerned that such a public case may be damaging to your professional career?

Of course, it could be. It might already have damaged my legal career because this case has been developing for some time. But I’m still a practicing attorney in the District of Columbia, usually working with large firms in governmental litigations typically where there’s a financial orientation.

Though this is a very serious case, you seem lighthearted about the topic as times. I noticed a “LeBron, Who is your daddy?” tee posted on your Facebook profile. Are you actually selling those yourself?

No, I’m taking it quite seriously, but the fact that someone has posted something like that on my Facebook has nothing to do with the case. I’m not that involved with that sort of thing. I think my site is potentially a worthwhile effort but I don’t police my website for that kind of material. The T-shirt seems fine to me, but it doesn’t reflect on my case at all. It’s something that’s quite removed for me

Would you call yourself a Lebron James fan?

Sure, I would say so. But my interest in him as a possible son is so overshadowing to that fact. I tend to be a fan of any successful Cleveland sports teams. (laughs)

How do you respond to being called just another dead-beat dad looking to get rich?

I don’t mind them, I’m sure that they are going to cynics and skeptics with the nature of this case no matter what.

Can you honestly say you’re just filing this lawsuit to be reunited with your son?

Well, that would be a wonderful thing if it transpired. But again, to suggest that being his father is the only acceptable outcome in order for me to move forward would be limiting. I’m not saying that it would be the only condition in which I would resolve this case. That’s farfetched, but it would be a nice resolution to the case if that I’m his father that we share some kind of relationship.