Top 5 N-Bomb Droppings (Pg. 6)

1)  Jesse Jackson

And finally, (drum roll) the Grandaddy of the N-word bomb comes courtesy of the man who walked alongside Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1960s and who also called rappers to task for their use of the N-word for over 20 years. (A little backstory: Jesse had beef with how our current President, then candidate Barack Obama was relating to Blacks during the 2008 presidential election. In off-air remarks caught on a live microphone during an appearance on the FOX network, Jackson said about Obama, “I want to cut his nuts off.”) Then, Jackson who counseled Richards after his N-word short-circuiting and later called for a ban on word altogether, referred to all African Americans as the slur when he added, “Obama is trying to tell n****rs how to behave.” 

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