Tweet and Greet: 9 Twitter FAILs @KanyeWest Can Learn From

In case you haven’t heard, Kanye West is finally on Twitter! Over the course of the last 24 hours, Mr. West has boasted about a recent shopping spree he went on with Jay-Z and Beyonce, posted his favorite lyrics from his new album, told us what a “baby mama jet” is and shown us that, despite what we thought, the word “swagger” is not dead.

All in all, it was a pretty successful day for @kanyewest! That said, things can turn in a second on Twitter and all it takes is one bad tweet for a celebrity to come under heavy scrutiny. So to help Kanye continue to adapt to his new setting, we decided to show him a few of our favorite celebrity Twitter FAILs so that he knows what not to do on the social networking site. Then, we provided him with a lesson that he should learn from each of their shortcomings so that he can avoid running into the FAIL whale himself. Get to class, Kanye! —Chris Yuscavage