Why Kanye West’s ‘Mama’s Boyfriend’ Is Rhyme of The Year (Pg. 2)

It Makes You Think… And Laugh
On paper, “Mama’s Boyfriend” does not exactly fit the mode of feel-good material. With the tragic death of Kanye’s mother Dr. Donda West in 2007, you almost expect an unsettling, therapeutic diatribe on the painful fallout of not having a strong father figure around the house. It sure seems that way when the rapper/producer declares, “We are the voices of our parent’s bad choices/The aftermath of divorces/The kids of bitter split ups and babysitters, grandparents that don’t know what do with us…” But Kanye manages to inject some humor into his candid lyricism as he breaks down his older male adversary: “The last thing I want to see is mama’s new nigga/You ol’ Old Spice-wearing, short chain-wearing/Dress shoes and jogging pants-wearing/Church socks-wearing/When you first stop caring about your appearance?” This guy.


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