The Wins & FAILs of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Your Love’ Video


Three facts about Nicki Minaj: she’s strikingly animated, spits her black Barbie ass off, and sucks at her own videos. But one of those traits seems to have received a bit of an upgrade… or not. For her second single, “Your Love” Nicki highlighted her penchant for all things Japanese by going with a samurai love theme starring Michael Jai White. Check the video and our personal highs and lows. 


  • Nick chopping through blocks of cement. Hi-ya!
  • Minimal crazy faces.
  • Silk sheets. Fancy, huh?
  • Nicki’s head gear. 






  • That awkward, melodramatic ending… Yeah.
  • The return of those Freddy Krueger fingers.




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