Young Steff’s Blog: How To Treat A Lady + Notes On Chris Brown

I am constantly hearing from my lady friends that their boyfriends and men in general don’t treat them right. They are disrespected, cheated on and belittled. In extreme cases, they are abused. What has happened to today’s generation of men? Simple manners have gone out the window, such as opening doors for the ladies, pulling out chairs, asking them out on dates, returning phone calls.

Perhaps parents are to blame for not teaching their sons proper manners or America’s values are weakening. What I do know is that ladies are to be worshipped and treated in a special way. What is to be gained from running around on a million of different women and sleeping with those you don’t care about. Try really getting to know someone and see how different it feels.

I was talking to my girl the other day and she broke down, talking about all of her past experiences. She told me she has no trust for men, and was afraid of heartbreak again. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful person would have such worries. All I could think was how lucky I was to be in her presence. That really woke me up. Watching Chris Brown’s performance on the BET Awards the other night really raised this issue again. There has been so much press surrounding his performance. Was his performance enough to erase the world’s memory? Was his crying genuine?

My lady friends tell me that Chris Brown can never sing another love song without triggering that memory in their hearts. That’s deep. Women never forget. Many people compare me to Chris and I’d be open to challenge him on stage any day of the week. One thing I can promise is that I would never raise my hand to a lady. My spirit would never allow me to do that.

If you can’t talk things out, just walk away. Everyone deserves forgiveness, and I will pray for him. But I do believe the world is ready for a new, young male entertainer.

I’ve been rehearsing and am ready for that position…..


On a side note, I had a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Matthew Hars the other day, trying out some different looks. Ladies, let me know what you think.


xoxo YS

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