10 Ridiculous Rap Collabos That Might Work


Is Kanye West really collaborating with Raekwon and… Justin Bieber? Say it ain’t so. If rappers really want to make noise by hatching crazy collaborations, they should at least dream up ones that might actually work. Just in time, theBVX has a few wacky ideas.

The Artists:
Snoop Dogg, feat. Katy Perry
The Song: “I Wish They All Could Be Californian”
The Result: Already been done, right? Wrong! We saw what you did to Snoop, Katy — pulling him off your album at the last minute because he uttered the words “Wish they all could be Californian” and almost got you into legal trouble with The Beach Boys. Shame on you! The least you could do is get back into the booth and sing a few bars for Snoop’s next hit (his next mixtape hit — he’s not getting sued over this either! “For Promotional Use Only,” Beach Boys!). Cali love!

The Artists:
Kanye West, feat. Taylor Swift and Beyonce
The Song: “Two Girls, One Rap”
The Result: Come on: Who doesn’t want to hear Tay and Bey jump on a record together? (*Crickets*) Um, ok, maybe that’s not the selling point. Instead, we’d like to challenge ‘Ye (‘Ye, Tay and Bey?! This is too easy! Someone make this happen now!) to create a song that we’d actually want to hear using this lineup. We’re pretty sure he could do it and, no offense to Raekwon, we’re pretty sure a whole lot of people would actually notice it when he did.


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