4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 2)


4. Classic historical period films are very risky, so studios try to cast the best bet

Ask Colin Farrell in Alexander, Brad Pitt in Troy or Jake Gyllenhaal Prince of Persia:The Sands of Time, if audiences always come out for old style, historical Hollywood epics with lots of CGI special effects. (Sometimes they don’t—those three filmed bombed at the box office.) So any filmmaker/studio exec/producer assembling a modern day movie classic blockbuster will mostly likely cast their project with the surest person possible to grab the biggest box office receipts. To her credit, Angelina Jolie’s summer spy action hit Salt raked in 36.5 million its first week in theaters. But even an actor’s strong box office track record can’t always guarantee a surefire hit; film success stories are a huge roll of the dice every opening weekend. Case in point: the actress who starred alongside Farrell in Alexander? Angelina Jolie.