4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 3)


3. If Cleopatra starred a black actress it could be branded a ‘Black Film’ and not a mainstream one—

There’s an unspoken rule that if you have three or more black lead actors in a film, it’s a black/or urban film. So unless it’s a Tyler Perry production, there’s an assumption (or truth?) that mainstream white audiences will not come out in droves to see a ‘black’ film. Certainly not in the millions needed to help it become a top grossing box office film that grabs the the number one slot its opening week. So if the remake of Cleopatra starred a black actress, many of the leading costarring roles might be populated by black actors, thus making it a black film. And in keeping with this proposed theory, the masses would not come out to see it without a Madea cameo.