5 Ways Women Can Win In Hip-Hop, According to Trina (Page 2)


“The business aspect right now is so much clearer than it was 10 years ago. I’m around a bunch of guys but I learned a lot because it molded me into becoming my own brand. Now everything is out on the table whether you’re on an independent label or whether you’re on a major label. There’s so many different things you can learn about the business and the people around you like, signing contracts, making sure your money’s right… it’s so much easier now. Everything that possibly could have happened or gone wrong probably already happened so there’s no reason for you to not have your business right. That’s what’s gonna allow you to have any type of longevity, any type of substance or any type of career. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and it took me getting my business together for me to still do it. Honestly, it wasn’t always together but when it was together I saw such a great difference.”

#1. U.N.I.T.Y:
“Unity is important. It seems like it’s not as solid as it could be because women are emotional and one thing about women is when people start jigging and jabbing at you, you feel a kind of way and that’s what kept a lot of distance between women in hip-hop. But it’s a lot of beautiful women in hip-hop and if it was more unity and people made the records that the fans and the people want to hear—women especially—because of the strength we have. I think that’s one major way women can get back on top.”