5 Ways Women Women Can Win In Hip-Hop… According to Trina


If you’re an MC trying to climb your way to the top—in heels—prepare for a rougher route. But don’t fret, Trina’s got you covered with five tips to make sure your red-lipped rhymes get noticed.

“I love different types of music and different types of women for different reasons. I would love to see, not just individual artists coming out, but more of that whole Salt n Pepa kind of vibe.”

“We got Nicki Minaj and she came into the game from scratch, like when you first pour grease in the pot and watch it boil up. She started from boiling to flaming and it’s all because of working. It’s seeing that lane open and deciding that you’re gonna go in and smash until you break through. That’s her right now. You have a Diamond that’s doing her thing getting exposure like with the “My Chick Bad” record and now doing all these different singles. You got Rasheeda out of Atlanta trying to get people to open up and see, “I’m here, I’m doing my thing and I’m making music.” You got Lola [Monroe] who is coming back to the industry [as an MC]. But it’s not enough. We need more women. You got Remy that’s not here, who I love and can’t wait to get back. You got Missy that needs to put out an album, you got Eve that needs to put out an album, you got Kim that needs to put out an album—everybody just needs to put out records. You need consistent records. Women need to drop albums period.”

“Image is important because it’s a good marketing tool. Starting from the beginning for me, it was all about being sexy and provocative but I think music meets fashion now, so it’s gone to a different [level]. People don’t like the same stuff— they get bored and want to see new ways of expression.”