50 Cent & Diddy’s Love/Hate Relationship (Pg. 4)


Friend or Foe? FOE!

The Situation: After releasing his third solo album, Welcome Back, in 2004, former Bad Boy artist Ma$e decided that he wanted to join forces with 50’s G-Unit Records. He even released a DJ Whoo Kid-hosted mixtape, Crucified 4 The Hood: 10 Years of Hate. Only problem? Ma$e was still technically under contract with Bad Boy and, according to 50, Diddy was unwilling to let him out of his contract for less than $2 million. With album sales dipping universally at the time, Fif was uncertain he could recoup that kind of cash and decided not to sign Ma$e.

The Outcome: In 2005, 50 released a diss track aimed at Diddy called “The Bomb” on his Hip-Hop Is Dead: G-Unit Radio Part 22 mixtape, where he addressed the Ma$e situation and took several other shots at Diddy, claiming he knew who’d shot Biggie. Another song called “Get Down” also featured 50’s protege Tony Yayo taking aim at the Bad Boy CEO.

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