B. Scott Spills On His Biggest Interview To Date


B. SCOTT @ lovebscott.com
“I grew up on a farm playing barefoot in mud puddles and listening to Mariah Carey. She is everything to me. Her husband [Nick Cannon] is a huge fan of my work and reached out to me via Twitter saying ‘I will personally see to it that you interview Mariah.’ I cried tears of excitement. Before I got into the room, they told me I only had 10 minutes and baby do you know how long we sat and talked? An hour and 45 minutes! People in the room were like ‘Wow they really click.’ We made up a champagne toast and her and Nick told me how they’d like to name their [future] kids. My show climaxed with her— that episode was seen over 200,000 times. Our interview proved that I could book bigger guests on YouTube than some people can book on television. I really do feel that God has given me a gift of making women feel comfortable, like they’re chatting with a girlfriend. Now [me and Mariah] talk at least once a week. I went from being her biggest fan to being a passenger on her private jet. Maybe it was the hair flip!”

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