The BIG List: 40 Greatest Music Video Flops (#14 – 13)


#14: DREAM

“Crazy” Feat. Loon
Director: Matthew Rolston (1999)

For Dream—Puff’s milky all-girl quartet—2003 served as a final chance at pop eminence. So they did what any white chick would do in the early millennium… strip and shimmy. ‘Cept it was done over-eagerly behind ridiculous green screens and what looks to be a panderlicious “barely legal” palace. So Loon, what exactly was your black ass doing here?


#13: D. WOODS

“Legalize Me”
Director: (Conveniently) Unknown (2009)

Diddy sure knows how to groom a lady. Ecstasy pills, nostril shots… plastic-covered seduction scenes? Sorry D, we’d rather brown paper bag it. Bad video for life.



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