The BIG List: 40 Greatest Music Video Flops (#16 – 15)


#16: SISQO

“Unleash The Dragon”
Director: Martin Weisz (1999)

“What I’m about to do, I’m sure nobody expected/’Cause that’s what I do.” Sisqo was right. We didn’t expect a 50-foot dragon destroying buildings as people scream: “Oh my god!” “Oh Shit!” “Hell naw!” Luckily, Sisqo defeats the dragon with a ferocious and deadly dance routine. Haha, you just got served!





#15: USHER


Director: Little X (2000)

Due to this being an overall bad song, the little heard 8701 single was scrapped quicker than an angry divorcee signing papers. Channeling Chris Brown before CB krumped into our hearts, Ursh bops and twists while teaching a “dance” called the U-turn. Simply “put your hands up, bend your knees, bounce around in a circle…” We’d rather parallel park.





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