The BIG List: 40 Greatest Music Video Flops (#26 – 25)



“Doesn’t Mean Anything”
Director: P.R. Brown

Okay, so this starts out fine: Alicia sitting at a piano. Then, at about the 2:41 mark, things get foggy. AK ends up on a boardwalk in a dessert, where there’s a piano and then there’s a mountain and she’s climbing it. [*Suspends belief*]






“Hip-Hop Police”/”Evening News”
Director: Marc Klasfeld

So that’s why they call him Chamillionaire! In this droll attempt at social commentary, Cham dons whiteface to portray fictional anti-rap news anchor Bob O’Wildy, and cross-examines his rapper self as a greasy afro’d cop. Mostly, though, Cham plays himself, here.



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