The BIG List: 40 Greatest Music Video Flops (#32 – 31)


#32: DRAKE

“Best I Ever Had”
Director: Kanye West (2009)

Drake was on cruise control for a while, until his first official music video sparked a chorus of “FOH!”s. The plot: Coach Drizzy leads a team of double D misfits that would make made Kanye West proud. Cue gratuitous locker room stretches and slow motion jiggling. What was eye candy for the fellas, however, made ladies feel gypped out of an anthem (“Take that D”??). First impression FAIL.






“Gangsta Luv”
Director: Paul Hunter (2009)

Terius scoops up Snoop for a ride in their magic, baby blue, low-rider. Might as well have car-jacked Aladin.





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