The BIG List: Rap’s 30 Most Powerful Album Intros (#12 – 11)


#12: DMX

“Intro,” from It’s Dark and Hell is Hot (1998)

Okay, okay, so there’s a short intro to this track, meaning it could have been disqualified from this competition. But after a few fist-fights in the office over whether that meant we had to leave it off the list (just kidding), we decided it’d be a gigantic FAIL not including this. X absolutely went off on this one to let the world know that his bite was just as big as his bark.


#11: Young Jeezy

“Thug Motivation 101,” from Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 (2005)

I used to hit the kitchen lights, cockroaches everywhere/Hit the kitchen lights, now it’s marble floors everywhere…Wow. That’s all we could think back when we heard Jizzle’s debut album for the first time. It’s rare that things actually live up to their hype. But this? Well, this did. This really, really did. Ayyyyyyy!


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