The BIG List: Rap’s 30 Most Powerful Album Intros (#20 – 19)


#20: Black Moon

“Powaful Impak!” from Enta da Stage (1993)

Remember when New York City had a bunch of successful acts running around? Not just the commercially-viable guys (and girls!), but the artists who ruled the underground and provided the city with a strong backbone. Black Moon (comprised of Buckshot, 5ft and producer DJ Evil Dee) was one such group. And on their debut album, they took the stage by unleashing this solid introductory track. Powerful, indeed.


#19: Beanie Sigel

“Nothing Like It,” from The Reason (2001)

We’ll admit: Beanie ripped this, but it probably wouldn’t have made this list without the super-strong production effort from Kanye West, who was still on the rise when this dropped in June 2001. On an album stuffed with Just Blaze productions Kanye stole the show by helping Beans set things off right from the start.


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