Blogger Confessionals Featuring: The YBF Chic, Necole Bitchie & B. Scott


The blog queens of dot com reveal the back-stories to their juiciest posts of the year.

“I was the first to break Shaquille O’Neal’s [infidelity]. [Because of] Laura Govan —Gilbert Arena’s baby-momma [and Shaq’s first mistress]—the NBA literally sat down with [both men] saying ‘Don’t let this affect the game.’ Two days after the story, the Cavaliers were [set] to play the Wizards. Shaq didn’t come. He never misses a game! I had texts and pictures. Someone close to Shaq and Shaunie gave me [all the] information I needed to form a case. I got the first email at 2a.m….my heart dropped. That post gave me everything; I had near a million hits that day. But I did fact-check the texts. A lot were of Laura visiting Shaq during his game so I had interns pulling NBA schedules and flight numbers. You can’t deny proof. One week later, [another mistress] Latosha Lee came up. [She] tried to sue me, [but] I have six lawyers. I posted three of Shaq’s jump-offs, but really he’s in Tiger [Woods’] numbers. I think he didn’t come after me legally, because there was a lot I purposely left out. I could’ve ruined Shaq as [a] human being, [but] unlike some bloggers, I have a moral compass.”


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