Blogger’s Circle: Married Men (Pg. 2)




Mitzi Miller (Mitzi Moments): “I think the main reason is because as a celeb, the women refuse to creep. They are so accustomed to living every aspect of their lives in the spotlight and on a red carpet. It’s almost like they feel like they’re above the basic tenant of creeping?discretion. In addition to the increased presence of the paparazzi, honestly, I think that now more than ever the spouses are refusing to go quietly. Instead of simply crying to their family and friends, they’re airing out the dirty laundry to the entire world. I think it’s less about the women getting caught and more about the wives wanting fans of these celebs to know that there’s another side to the pretty faces that everyone admires. Once you remove all the smoke, mirrors and emotions; marriage is a business. That’s why you’re required to apply for a license and are even eligible for nice little tax breaks that us single folks with no kids don’t have. (*Blank stare*). So if someone knowingly sets out to destroy or sabotage that business when it is still legally functioning (as in before separation papers have been filed), I say sue. It’s not revenge, as a citizen of this country you may not have health insurance but you certainly have a right to sue for damages.”

Michael Arceneaux (The Cynical Ones): “I’m not sure there’s a greater interest so much as there is a greater risk to be exposed for behavior considered uncouth (and by that I mean trampy). With blogs, 24-hour news networks, and aspiring paparazzi everywhere we live in a time where you can hoe but you can’t hide. I also think these celebrities illustrate an attitude more commonly exhibited by the average person these days ?a growing lack of respect for marriage. With any privilege comes the temptation to throw it around, but you were who you were before you became famous. If you grew up to not respect matrimony when you had nothing, why would you when you have the fame and fortune most people clamor for?”

Lex Ave (Str8 NYC): “This is not new news. But just so happens that these celebrity women are getting outted by their own inner circles. Loyalty is almost slim to none in the celebrity world. Everyone is eagerly waiting for that big pay day. So if these celebrities either female or male are going to do dirt, good luck in hiding the mess because eventually they’ll be aired out by a nearby snitch in exchange for a payout. That’s just the way it is. It’s no surprise these scorned wives are quick to lawyer up and file lawsuits, hoping that the potential money gain and legal hassle will compensate for their loss. And as much as these bitter wives are ready to beat a bitch with a bat and with reason…getting cheated on is just not a crime in the court of law, or at least in most states. Now the court of public opinion, that’s another story. As much as I would love to suggest putting Nair in his/her shampoo and conditioner or slashing some tires…that’ll just be dead wrong. I’ll go ahead and suggest being the bigger person, chucking a deuce, and tell him/her to kick rocks. Make sure to invest some time and energy in bettering yourself both emotionally and physically. Sure enough, a year later you’ll bump into him/her down the street with some serious eye candy by your side and in love. That should be enough to grind his/her gears.”


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