Blogger’s Circle: Why Are Celebrity Women Sleeping With Married Men?


So far this year, pop culture has been flooded with news of famous women getting busted dating married men. Reports of Alicia Keys, Gabrielle Union and Fantasia Barrino allegedly engaging in home wrecker-ish behavior have people raising eyebrows. No one said celebs were perfect, but couldn’t these women get any man they want? Or are these starlets taking that ideology too far? VIBE called on a group of bloggers to discuss possible causes and effects of the recent boom in Hollywood jezebel behavior.

Kid Fury (So Furious): “I blame Rocsi Diaz. She snatched LisaRaye’s man by the sack and BET still has 106 & Park on air. I guess these other girls think they can open their thighs to whomever they please and still premiere their videos in front of “the livest audience on television.” Oh, and I also blame don’t know why yet, but I’ll think of something. Dating someone who is married is never okay. Marriage is a union and commitment between two people under God, not three people under Kat Stacks. For you to interfere in someone else’s marriage is adulterous and unethical, even if they’re unhappy. There are millions of people in the world ? take your ass to the club and find someone single and ready to mingle. If you feel that you met your soul-mate in a married man or woman, then wait for those divorce papers to get signed, sealed, delivered, and then you can get your life!”

Hillary Crosley (ParlourMagazine): “We’re in a TMZ age and celebrities can’t creep like they used to. Plus, according to the Dwyane Wade’s situation, you can sue the ‘other woman’ for damages! How you get them is how you lose them. As my mother always says, ‘If they’re cheating on their current wife, what makes your future relationship so special?’ I’ve always believed that you can’t choose where your affection leads but you can definitely choose where it goes.”

Anslem Samuel (Naked With Socks On): “I’m not sure if it’s a rise in this behavior. They just don’t seem to care as much. But it could just be a reflection of society as a whole. Divorce rates are at an all-time high and it feels like people have less respect for the sanctity of marriage these days. The celebrity men have notoriously had their sidepieces despite being married, and I guess the women want to have fun now too. I just hope everyone stays strapped (Hint, Hint A. Keys). Traditionally a woman’s best way to get back at a man is through his pockets. Now it seems that more women are trying to take it to the mistresses as well. The rightness or wrongness of a lawsuit really depends on the circumstances, if someone truly ruined your life and livelihood by breaking up your marriage, then perhaps a lawsuit is justifiable but if you just have a broken heart and feel played in the public eye then leave the drama for your spouse because at the end of the day, that’s the person that made a promise to you. The other woman/man don’t owe you squat.”

Jasmine Waters (FlyStyleLife): “I don’t believe there’s a spike [in this type of behavior]; we’re finally paying attention to it?perhaps because they’re Black. But look at Julia Roberts and her now husband Danny Moder, or Brad and Angelina. This isn’t new. Here’s the thing, not to blame the wife, but you can’t break up a happy home. It’s impossible. If your husband is willing to leave you for someone else, something is already broken. And while his actions aren’t justifiable, they are just that, his actions. If anything, sue him! It’s ridiculous to go after the other woman. On what grounds? Being a better match for your husband than you? Come on… Leave them alone, wish them well, then move on to someone so much better than them.”


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