Bow Wow Says Nicki Minaj Almost Co-Starred In ‘Lottery Ticket’

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In the film Lottery Ticket (in theaters now), Bow Wow plays Kevin, a guy from the projects whose life changes completely after he wins the lottery. But another aspect of the film’s storyline is the love triangle that exists between Kevin, good girl Stacie (Naturi Naughton) and naughty chick Nikki (Teairra Marí). And Bow Wow reveals that hip hop’s hot and current real-life bad girl almost ended up with the latter role.

Nicki Minaj was close to being Nikki in the movie and I tried to do that,” says Bow Wow. “ I spoke to [Lottery director] Eric White when we were in casting and said we should get Nicki to come in and audition for the part. Then, I called Nicki and told her, ‘I’d think you be dope’ for the role.” 

Minaj did audition, but the role went to Marí instead and the rest is Hollywood history.“ I thought Nicki did good a good job, but unfortunately it didn’t work out,” he adds.

Another thing that hasn’t quite panned out for Bow Wow in real life is choosing the good girls over the more naughty variety.

“I never experienced the cute, next door-type, girl church girl type, I always wanted the fast girl. I was around Snoop at ages 5 and 7,” says Bow Wow, who is currently filming the upcoming Tyler Perry movie, Madea’s Big Happy Family. “I wanted the girl with the hoops, the Daisy Duke shorts—I always dated hood girls when I was in school. They called them ghetto girls when I was younger. I just loved hood chicks.”

As for the type of woman he prefers nowadays, the 24-year old rapper/actor wouldn’t say, but admits, “I’ve matured. I had to work on becoming a man and I’ve learned from my mistakes.” —Ronke Idowu Reeves