Can She Handle It? 10 Ways Chelsea Handler Can Spice Up The 2010 VMAs (Pg. 3)


2. Tell one of the Jonas Brothers to pop Justin Beiber in the grill.

Things just haven’t been the same with the teenybopper set since the days of the manufactured feuds between the Backstreet Boys and N*SYNC. These days, it seems like it’s all love between the guys who’ve got the pre-teen groupies going nuts. If we’ve gotta sit back and watch them perform, at least give us something to watch, Chelsea. Tell Beiber, Joe Jonas said ‘he ain’t got no fever.’ Or tell Nick Jonas (we swear, we had to Google these names!) that Beiber said he’s trying to holla at his ex-girl Miley Cyrus. And let’s see what happens!

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