A Chick And A Dude Review Dirty Money & Drake’s ‘Loving You No More’


While the Internet kids still try to decide whether Dirty Money and Drake’s “Loving You No More” is an emo jackpot or an underwhelming sing-a-long, two of VIBE’s resident critics, Tracy Garraud and Chris Yuscavage, took to the IM box (and their iTunes) to hash out their opinions on Diddy and Drizzy’s first collabo.


was that tpain?!!!!

LOL. Exactly!
nevermind lol
wait, who is this???
this is puff??

that is some expensive autotune!!!
they learned from angels
When I initially saw that Drake was on this, I was like, Oh no, not more Drake singing…So imagine when I heard Puff start singing.
And singing like THIS
whoa drake is rapping?
i thought he was going to come with a soprano solo!
Thankfully, no
This song was written for this Drake verse. This is Drake doing Drake
definitely. and that was diddy doing drake.

drake is really milking his relatability factor
like i was saying before, he didn’t say anything that was like awww shit
No, not at all. I really don’t even remember what he said and I just heard the verse, lol. But I was def nodding my head like, ‘That’s right! True!’ during it.
but everything is vivid and every-man like
these little things
that he focuses on
when hip hop usally focuses on the grandeur
He sounds at home on a song like that. And it saves us from having to hear someone like, say, T.I. hop on there and have us be like, ‘Please noooooo.’
what’s your grading for this?

and i’m glad diddy took a backseat to this.
I’m not sure I’m gonna be bumping this all weekend….But I’m not mad at it. For a Diddy track, I mess with it. And I def think it’s got the potential to be a hit.
Him, the girls and Drake flow together nicely on this
for sure, you can tell diddy’s analyzed the market
he’s tried so much different shit for this project
have faith in last train now
dawn can BLOW
her voice has pain
but it’s not harsh
she’s got it
I can’t say I’m an expert in her career, lol, but I can see what you’re talking about on this joint.
lol! this is the right music for a late night drive
Yes, very true. Obviously not on the way to the club
People are going to hate Drake for this, though. Well, either hate him or give up on trying to believe he’s going to stop making these types of songs.
yeah this lemme show her my sensitive side without looking pussy
but that’s why i like dude
he does HIM
i can’t be mad at that
it feels genuine
even if it’s not what i personally want to hear
can’t deny that
Yup, exactly. Like I said, this is Drake’s position. It saves us from having to hear guys who DON’T do this type of music get shoehorned onto these softer songs
They don’t do it, he does…There’s a place for that (stating the obvious)
but in the case of diddy
drake makes dudes comfortable w doing something else
and it may actually sound good!
like diddy and drake shouldve really played reverse roles here
but they borrowed from each other
and it was cohesive
and dope

Yes, this song could have gone in a different direction that wouldn’t have worked. LOL. Like, what if they were both singing? Wow. I think we woulda been done this convo about 15 minutes ago
well all in all
im feeling this
it’s vulnerable
but not in a mr. softee way

Me too. I’m predicting we’ll be hearing this long a LOT in the near future
Drake wins again
as if he’ll ever lose
… anytime soon

True. Someday…but today’s not that day


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