Color Me Bad: 4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Is Not Black

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Movie casting buzz is abound that Angelina Jolie will be playing Marilyn Monroe in a film that starts production in September 2010. She’s one busy actress, because back in June it was announced that Jolie was also tapped to portray Cleopatra in an upcoming movie release by producer Scott Rudlin. One could argue if studio execs wanted to go in a different direction, Hollywood has more than its pick of busy and working black actresses today than it did 47 years ago when Elizabeth Taylor played the Queen of the Nile in 1963. So in the age of Obama, why isn’t a black actress playing Cleopatra? has all of the answers. Here are four reasons why Cleopatra will not be black on the big screen any time soon. —Ronke Idowu Reeves