David Banner Answers Twitter’s Relationship Questions, Talks Shacking Up


David Banner raps, produces, directs and acts but now he’s tackling love advice. Twitter asks the relationship questions and the Mississippi rapper gives his two cents, raw and uncut.

@Ms_A_New My boyfriend is a college grad with a degree in Acct. He’s 27, TDH and has not had a job in 2yrs. I pay for everythin but he drives. I wanna break up. Are those the right reasons?!

David Banner: It depends on what he wants out of life. If he’s not trying to do any better I can understand her feeling that way, but what happened to a woman supporting a man when times get down? Especially if he’s Black in America. It’s hard for everybody to get jobs and if he has a degree it shows that he went through the process of trying to do something. But she would want somebody to stick it out with her. But if that’s the way she feels I’d rather her break up with him for him, so he won’t be around nobody fake. That’s what relationships are supposed to be about. If everything is good all the time then it’s not a real relationship.

@bitchychick15 How long do you think a couple should wait before moving in together?

David Banner: Our parents would go and date and court each other 6, 7, 8 or 9 months before they moved in. I think what happens nowadays is people don’t know each other and they go too far before they realize, “You know what, I don’t like this muthafucka!” People need to stop taking stuff so serious when you ain’t even been with each other for a year or two. Really, you ain’t supposed to be moving in with nobody ’til you get married, my family calls that shacking. Anybody that’s worth being with is worth waiting for so there’s no need to rush.

@AmazingGraceInc What’s ur take on long distance relationships? Like, REALLY long distance, from NY to FL?

David Banner: That’s probably one of the best questions that I’ve ever been asked in a long time because since college all my relationships have been long distance relationships. The thing to long distance relationships is trust. You have to have trust because the truth is, the person is gonna be who they gonna be. A woman gonna do what she wanna do, a man gonna do what he wanna do no matter how good you are. So with a long distance relationship you just have to have trust because it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be until you’re closer to each other. In my case, with the long distance relationship, the people I’ve dealt with I didn’t think there were too many people like that in the world so it’s always been worth it.

@EagleNebula How do you get out of an emotionally abusive relationship?

David Banner: Just leave. Don’t answer calls, just leave. What happens with emotionally abusive relationships is we act like we don’t like it but it becomes a norm to us so it’s almost like a sick condition. The thing is, if it’s just emotional and nobody is putting their hands on you all you gotta do is just leave. But some of us have a slight addiction to that treatment. You have a lot of women who never had fathers or emotional stability and they go to certain men to fill that void and then they’re scared to leave because they’ve been left so many times in their life. But we gotta get over those things. We gotta admit some of the things that’s not right and just leave. The only things that’s complicated in life are the things that we decide to make complicated. All we gotta do in an emotionally abusive relationship is to stop fucking with that person.

@Rhapso_Dy what factors make a friendship with someone of the opposite sex ok when you’re in a relationship?

David Banner: That’s one thing that I don’t agree with. It’s hard for me to believe that unless they had a relationship for a long time, like since they were young, it’s hard for me to believe that grown men and women are just friends. That’s something I don’t too much agree with. When does a grown man have time to be around a grown woman that he’s not having sex with, especially if he has a job, he has kids, he has shit he need to do. We too old to be homies like that. I may be wrong but that’s just me personally. I just don’t see grown men having time with that. I just don’t see it. It only works if they been best friends for a long, long time.