Full Clip: DJ Jazzy Jeff (Pg. 5)


Code Red (1993)—Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

We were [lukewarm] about this project. This album did so-so in the U.S., but it was our biggest international record. We had the no. 1 record in France, Germany and abroad. I remember going over to Barcelona doing shows where we had never gone before. Will flew from Los Angeles and I flew in from Philly. I landed at the airport and there was a guy holding a paper with my name on it. I’m like, ‘Oh shit…am I in trouble?’ They walked me out  and there were thousands of photographers snapping pictures. I’m looking behind me like, ‘Shit, is Madonna behind me?’ We never experienced this on that level. I get in the car and 10 minutes later Will gets in the car and we are looking at each other like, ‘What the fuck is this?’ There were people on mopeds that were following us. We had a police escort to the hotel and got to the hotel and those same people on mopeds were already there! We couldn’t leave the hotel. People were camped out all night. This was crazy! ‘Boom! Shake the Room’ was the biggest thing in the world to them. But we only sold about 900,000 copies in the States

By this time it had gotten to the point where Will and I wanted to branch out creatively. I think the one thing with record companies is they run their course. As much as we loved Jive, it got to point where we lost the faith and support of the record label. It felt like Jive was betting against us. They bet against us with ‘Summertime,’ it ends up blowing up, and the label people were like, ‘Um…Yeah!!!’ We knew it was going to be our last chapter with Jive. 

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