Full Clip: DJ Jazzy Jeff (Pg. 8)


Aijuswanaseing (2000)—Musiq Soulchild

One of the coolest things about A Touch Of Jazz is we almost did Musiq’s and Jill’s albums simultaneously. It was great to watch the both of them become successful. But ironically, it was also one of the most unenjoyable periods in my career because of their success. Everybody started to call and say, ‘I want a Musiq Soulchild record’ or ‘I want a Jill Scott.’ It almost backfired on us. But I loved that Musiq album. We were proud of his entire project. Musiq was a true talent. ‘Love’ was a great song to watch evolve and see its impact over time. People still play it weddings. It’s a true fan favorite.

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