Full Clip: DJ Jazzy Jeff (Pg. 9)


The Magnificent (2002)—DJ Jazzy Jeff

 I was offered to do an album that represented me as a producer. And what I felt represented me wasn’t just hip-hop. I’ve made records with Will; I’ve made records with Jill [Scott]; I’ve produced dance instrumentals…I just wanted to make an album that captured all of that. That’s why recording The Magnificent was so difficult because I had to reprogram myself from making a genre specific record to making a record that showcased a variety of styles. That’s why there’s a house record on it, there was some soul records on it, and there was scratching. It took me six months to start it and three weeks to finish it.

Having Questlove on the album for ‘We Live In Philly’ was fun. Jill was also on that track which was basically a remake of ‘We Live In Brooklyn.’ I remember Quest when he was first starting out with the Roots just as a drummer. He had a quality of a true beat digger. The way he played the drums was very different from anybody else. To watch the Roots grow and become pretty much our Rolling Stones—they don’t even need a record to tour—it’s been great. We’ve gotten closer over the years with him DJing a lot more. To pull him in on The Magnificent project was great. Just to be in the studio to watch him work was insightful. I just sat back sometimes and thought, ‘Wow, I have the greatest job in the world.’

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