Full Clip: Faith (Pg. 4)


Faithfully (2001)


Before this album, there was never any pressure for me to lose weight. I can’t say that no one ever mentioned it to me, but there was never any real push. But when I moved to Georgia, I met a young lady who was a physical trainer who was just a great person. For me, that made the whole difference because when I started working out with her, I really saw a new me. I’m crying and sweating; overtime it took some work because I wasn’t into fitness, but by the time I started taking photos for Faithfully, I knew my hard work was paying off. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been showing off my arms [laughs].

I still think that the “I Love You” clip was one of my best-looking videos ever. And that’s beyond me being in shape. But I remember being nervous because of the lead guy in the video. I had never done a sexy video like that where I was touching on a man. My husband was right there just behind the camera [laughs]. It was kind of crazy. But hey, I was looking good. And musically I thought I was better than ever.

But this was also the time when Puff was obviously transitioning Bad Boy from one label home to the next. And I was probably the last one to find out. I remember my husband and I taking a meeting with L.A. Reid and I’m thinking he’s about to be my boss! My record was out and I didn’t want my shit to be lost in the shuffle. I just felt a little insulted because I had been a part of Bad Boy since the beginning. I felt like I was one of the original people on the roster, so why wouldn’t I know that we were changing labels, especially when I was so excited about Faithfully? I used to drive Puffy’s Range Rover when my car got stolen. I felt we were close. He didn’t ask me how I felt about the situation. That’s when I started thinking, ‘Maybe I need to leave Bad Boy.’


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