Full Clip: Faith (Pg. 5)


The First Lady (2005)

I’m really proud of this album. Before I made it, I built a recording studio in my house in Georgia. I was in the middle of nowhere and it was really creaky down there, so I was like, ‘I ain’t getting no work done…I might as well record some music.’ I was also dealing with some outside issues, but I was used to that. Because before that, there was the East Coast/West Coast beef with Tupac. I already experienced people slighting my name based on things that may or may not have been true. So [my arrest] was not hard to deal with. [*Editor’s note: In January of 2004, Faith and her husband Todd were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine. Faith candidly chronicled the incident on her single “Again.”] I think people thought it was harder for me to deal with than it really was. But I don’t really worry about what people think.

“I started recording songs in my home studio that ended up helping me get my deal with Capitol. I guess you can say I had faith in Faith [laughs]. My fans were satisfied with the new music. I had already been very much on top of my craft in terms of knowing how to write, arrange and produce a song. So I didn’t feel any apprehension about going to Capitol. Still, being on Capitol and off of Bad Boy was uncharted waters for me. Yet, the same confidence I had when Puff asked if I wanted to be on his label, that was something I had before I met him. He never had to baby sit me at my recording sessions. But once I signed to my new label home, I realized the difference between them and Bad Boy. Capitol didn’t have much presence in the urban market. I would be out on the road to work my record and they would have the promo radio people asking the receptionist could I come on the radio station [laughs]. I never went through this at Bad Boy. I could just walk into a radio station by myself. But looking back, it was a good move. I acquired my publishing back. I stayed at Capitol until it didn’t work out and I didn’t owe anyone nothing.

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