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The Fix (2002)

People talk about how great The Fix album is. It took me long enough to be called one of the greatest, right? I think “Heaven” really stands out. There are two beats to the song. I had a track from T-Mix and a track from Kanye West. People love the beginning of the song. I mean they love it. But I love the switch up in the song. I took T-Mix’s song in the beginning and did some crazy shit where I made a crazy backwards transition into the other “Heaven.”

By this time, I was the President of Def Jam South and extremely happy. I saw more fruits from my labor at Def Jam than I’d ever saw in life. I was getting dumb ass paid. I was like the newborn of the family. Any fucking thing that I could even imagine that I needed to do, I got it done. I’m proud to say I signed Ludacris. But there were a lot of groups that came through Def Jam that I brought that went unsigned that later turned out to be very successful. Before he was Rick Ross he was Teflon and I was trying to bring him to Def Jam. If you look at David Banner, Lil Flip, Pall Wall and Chamillonaire, Slim Thug, and T.I.—I tried to give all of them situations. But the powers that be left and I was stuck holding the bag.

Everyone that I came to Def Jam to be with had left. Lyor Cohen was my sole reason for going to Def Jam. I remember in 1991 during the Public Enemy tour, Lyor came to Baltimore. We sat down at this table and Lyor made me an offer on my debut solo album. But I was so fucking loyal to J. That could have changed my life. It was an astronomical amount of money, back then. I didn’t know that kind of money existed in the rap biz.

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