Full Clip: Scarface (Pg. 17)


Made (2007)

I never had to force myself to be something I wasn’t to sell records. That’s never what I’ve been about.  I’ve always stayed true to what I do even on the more commercial records. But you will be surprised where I find some of my inspiration from. I have a cousin named Johnny Nash, who is probably one of the biggest singers ever. Google him. We have had conversations on a regular bases where we talked about life. But I just started getting into his music recently. When I started downloading his shit from Amazon I found out he was a bad motherfucker and I was mad at him [laughs]. He never told me how good he was. He was the first and maybe the last act to move to Jamaica and sing American lyrics over reggae music. He was fucking phenomenal, man. And he never had to change who he was.  I come from that. Like I said, I come from music.


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