Full Clip: Scarface (Pg. 18)


Emeritus (2008)

I was contractually obligated to record nothing but this album. I couldn’t put anything out. I got a cease and desist put on a group I was trying to produce. Oh, you would be surprised. This was not a good time for me in all honesty. But I think I performed pretty well under pressure. I’ll say again. I’m a musician. I just don’t fucking rap. This is not an accident. I play a lot of my songs and I’m not talking about going to the machine and pushing play. I can pick up a guitar and play it; pick up a piano keyboard and play it; pick up a xylophone and play it. Any fucking thing that can make some noise that I can play will get played. I’ve been playing instruments all my life. I want to bring music back. That’s going to be the sole responsibility for me, right now. I have the opportunity to be the person to help save music logic.

A lot of stuff out today is just a  bunch of electronic noise. What happened to the horn section, the live basslines and the guitar player shaking in the pocket? Whatever happen to the drummer staying in the pocket? Shit, what happened to the pocket? [laughs] I remember growing up, 75 percent of the people in my neighborhood knew how to play something, even if it was just a fucking drum. Remember when it was cool to bring your band instrument home for practice? We have to bring that back.

I recently dropped a mixtape called Dopeman Music. And I’m working on a new album, which will be my first independent release. I’m thinking about calling it The Habit. I’m just going to tell my side of the story; just the absolute truth. You know how a lot of people get on their records and they are scared to tell the world how they really feel? Or they scared to tell the world what they are going through? Well, this is a tell all. This album will explain the shit that I’ve been up against.


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