Full Clip: Scarface (Pg. 5)


The World Is Yours (1993)

That funk you hear on The World Is Yours comes from my uncle Eddie. He has played bass on some of my albums. My uncle is an ex-crack head, ex-alcoholic, ex-everything. But he was a bad motherfucker. He played everything. He’s a Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, and Stanley Jordan all rolled up into one nigga. That’s where I got my funk from. I didn’t meet George Clinton and become friends with him until I was in my early ‘20s. So before I got the chance to meet Dr. Funkenstein, Eddie was my Funkenstein. He turned me on to Parliament, along with my mom. She’s another one of my big musical influences.

My mama taught me how to pull instruments out of songs. When I was four-years-old, she would tap out the basslines of a song on my leg while we were driving.  There’s a certain theory in music that I feel that’s not necessarily something that you learn in music school. You can’t really teach feeling when it comes to music. Either it’s in your heart or it’s not. I can’t read music, but I can tell you what key the song is in.


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