Full Clip: Scarface (Pg. 6)


The Diary (1994)


I was so dead set against what Rick Rubin had said. But when I got the chance to get into my own personal shit I realized, ‘Man, I can really rap.’ I stopped worrying what other people were saying because I realize that people liked me. My first two solo albums went gold. So, man, it became a point for me to rap about what I know…let me rhyme some shit; let me create some more complex rhyme patterns and show these people I can rap. That’s what you hear on The Diary. I remember recording “I Seen A Man Die”…I was so high. I made the original beat and bassline, but Mike Dean took it to another level when he started playing the organ and adding those eerie sounds. He moved the song into the direction of a scary movie.

It took me a while to write the actual lyrics. One night I was in my condo and I had just broken my hand, so I was taking Demerol. I took a downer, drank some beer and smoked a half a joint and I was so fucking high. I said, ‘God, if you let me come down off this shit, I’ll never do this again.’ But I’ll never forget the vibe in the studio when I laid the lyrics. I was so high and it was so cold and dark in that vocal booth. I had no idea I was breaking new ground writing a song about death in such a detailed way. All I knew was I wanted to come down off that high.

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