Full Clip: Scarface (Pt. 12)


The Last Of A Dying Breed (2000)

When you hear me talking about the Feds trying to make me flip, that’s not just an album. The Last Of A Dying Breed is a document. We had a lot of friends that we were close to that were dibbling and dabbling in that other shit. Well, these fucking drug agents have a hard-on for James [Prince] so bad until they just grabbed people around him. These motherfuckers even sent a snitch at me. But when the snitch didn’t get shit, they put his ass wherever the fuck he’s at in Pennsylvania. Feds trying to get you to say some shit that you don’t know nothing about.

A lot of brothers went down in ’99 from people telling. A motherfucker wasn’t even doing any dope back then…I was strictly doing music. I may have smoked a little weed, but not enough to run a dope house. What the fuck I look like touring all over the country and selling millions of records and jeopardizing my family and my children behind some funky ass cocaine? That’s just some racially motivated shit. James told me, ‘You have to expose their ass.’


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