Idris Elba predicts global takeover for #1 ‘Takers’: ‘It’s gonna make at least 100 million’

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Despite lukewarm responses from most film critics, Takers, proved to be a crowd pleaser; it debuted number one its first week in theaters stateside, taking in 20.5 million at the box office. And British actor and star Idris Elba expects the movie to make even bigger returns in international theaters because of its all-star multiracial cast.

Takers is gonna go to Spain and they [audiences] are gonna go, ‘Aw, I love Tip [T.I. Harris], I love Jay Hernandez, and its gonna go to Africa and they’re gonna go ‘Oh! I love Hayden [Christensen],” he says. “Given the international appeal of the film, it’s gonna make at least 100 million around the world.”

So where does Takers fit in with American moviegoing audiences, who are more accustom to a Hollywood studio system that segregates its films into mainstream and urban or black releases based on mostly white or black casts?

“I think racially it represents who we are in American society and definitely in English society,” says Elba. “In London there is always a band of ten people with a mix of races walking down the street together,” says Elba who will next be seen on the small screen opposite Laura Linney and Gabourey Sidibe in the Showtime series, The Big C

Takers has got the feeling that we’re a multicultural society and that’s something we all want to see more and more of in our films,” he says. —Ronke Idowu Reeves