Ja Rule On His New Label, Sitcom, Twitter & New Rap Blood


I like Drake. I like Nicki. I like the dude Tyga that’s on the Chris Brown mixtape. I like J. Cole, he doing his thing. I even like Soulja Boy. The lil nigga smart, man. He make his records and do his thing, ain’t bothering nobody. It’s too much hate in this game. Hate is for suckas, man.

Who are the new artists you have on your label Mpire?

I got a couple of my niggas from New York, had to keep it fresh for New York. My nigga H.O., he’s from Uptown [Harry O], got my nigga Life from Queens, my nigga Push Montana, he’s from Queens, too. Them niggas are my spittas, they go in you know? Life is my young gunna, he’s still young but he’s on the come up, ready to smash on niggas. They all in their own lane. I got some other groups I’m working with, I got an R&B cat, he’s tough. He’s Asian. I got a girl group I been working with. I can’t say their name right at this moment. It’s funny how those things work out. I also got my rock group that I’m putting together called Padded Room.

What about the sitcom you have in development?

My sitcom got Tracy Morgan as one of the producers, Queen Latifah—I got a real team with me on this. Tracy Morgan is one of the writers. I’m trying to make some real big moves right now. Splash with an impact so niggas can be like, “Whoa, this nigga got his own label over there with Fontana/Universal, own all his masters, own everything. He got a bunch of new acts that’s sounding good, he got his reality show.” Then I just shot this real ill movie, this Tyler Perry shit called I’m In Love With A Church Girl, with Adrienne Bailon. They talking about taking it to the festivals and shit. So we can get a shot at winning awards and shit. It’s like everything is moving in the right direction for me right now.

When do you think everything will be poppin’ off?

Everything is manifesting now. I just signed the paperwork for the BET show, so that’s about to get up and running and going. The sitcom I start shooting in September. I got my daughter acting. She plays my niece on the show and my son plays little me in the movie I just did. He’s 10 years old, Lil’ Rule.

Who are some of the people that have been supporting you in the industry through out these tough times?

Real talk, I’ve been getting support from basically everybody in the industry. Nobody has really been unsupportive of me at all. I think a lot of people may not openly be around and vouch for me, but nobody has not taken my calls. While I was feeling on the outside, I still felt like I was on the inside, you feel me? A lot of artists out there made me feel real warm and let me know, “Nigga, you still that nigga. You put it down.” A lot of artists are good with me.

What has the whole social network uprising been like for you to experience with Twitter?

That shit is crazy, you know. It’s a whole different way of marketing yourself than when I first came out. If Twitter was around when all that shit was going on maybe it would be a different thing… I could have spoken my mind. I wouldn’t have to wait to be interviewed or wait to get on the radio station. It’s a very different model right now for artists to promote themselves. I look at it like a gift and a curse. As you send these young kids to the computer to promote yourself, it’s also where they are going to download your shit for free. “Yeah. Yeah. Come check me out on Ustream. Come through and check me out.” Then they go there and they may not have been a computer head. Then they get there and they figure, “How you do this downloading shit? How you get this Limewire?” Next thing you know, they on the other side, but that’s the gift and the curse. That’s the game right now and you gotta deal with it.

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