Ja Rule Rates Chris Brown’s & Ryan Leslie’s Rhymes



Sample Line: “Baby drop it low and make it shake for me/Call me Federal Reserve ’cause I make money/And then I waste money.” —“Convertible” (from In My Zone mixtape) 

 Ja Rule: “For him I’d say, spit a rhyme. A real rhyme. Go hard on a couple joints and show niggas you can really rap. But is he writing his own rhymes? Because if you not writing your own shit, then you not really a real rapper. I’m not mad at him trying to MC, but I don’t wanna hear that from him.”



Sample Line: “I roll with a better view, suit with a weatherproof/Burberry overcoat, new money attitude.” —“Diamond Girl”

 Ja Rule: “I don’t think of him as a singer or a rapper. He’s no Luther Vandross, but I’m not mad at him. He’s an artist that can play in both fields. He’s on beat, flow was tight. He sounds the most natural with it.” —Anthony Roberts


This story appears in the Aug/Sept issue of VIBE, currently on stands.

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