Kid Fury’s Blog: Dear Montana Fishburne…



Dear Montana Fishburne, 

My name is Kid Fury and I am here to help you. In my latest YouTube video, I briefly spoke on your new occupation and the public’s reaction to it. I hit you with a “girl, bye” since there are so many other girls in that same situation that don’t receive pity or help, because they don’t have a big famous father associated with them. Well, I’ve had a revelation and decided that I need to come for your skull just once more. 

I still don’t feel any pity for you, because I’m sure you’re not stupid. Part of me actually believes that Kat Stacks learned a few voodoo techniques in Miami Gardens and is piloting your mind, body, and soul. Rights and wrongs are established much earlier than 18 years into life, so you already know you’re a hot steaming laundry bag of mess. I suppose you’re okay with that. 

According to your BFF, Nene, you met some dirty douchebag of a man who put you on the corner to sell coochie for him, and he is now your “boyfriend.” Seems like another typical story of false love from a controlling man to me. I mean, did you even watch What’s Love Got To Do With It? That boy does not love you and if you stay with him and that ridiculous Corbin Bleu afro of his, then you don’t love yourself either. 

What truly boils my blood here is your blatant disrespect for your family, especially Daddy Laurence. That man gave us Cornbread, Earl & Me, School Daze, Hoodlum, Higher Learning, Boyz N The Hood, What’s Love, The Matrix 1-3 and I can go on for days. He is pretty much a treasure to our culture. So for you and your band of cum-bathers to try and capitalize off of his name with your smut…it makes me fucking sick. Your father ought to mix a little Ike Turner with some Morpheus and karate chop your ass into 2012.

Do what you want with your pussy lips, but at least have the decency to respect your own family. So what if he cut you off financially? My mama hasn’t given me a quarter since tater tots & chocolate milk! Take your ass to the DMV or Wal-mart and work alongside all the other angry Black women of America! You have no excuse and no right! I hope your pappy gets like Dwight Howard—if you even say the name Fishburne, somebody should serve that ass a lawsuit.

Girl, you have nerve. In my eyes, you simply represent the millions of other young girls who are headed down the wrong path and I will pray that all of you find a piece of mind. Doing porn won’t seem so cute when you turn 30 and your vagina looks like a Man-of-War.

God Bless,

Kid Fury

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