A Long Convo with…B Pumper

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The man that goes by B Pumper is no Rick Ross. In certain sticky circles the 29-year-old Long Island, NY native is very much a star. Known mainly for his ten-year career as a porno actor, director and producer, Pumper has earned an increased hip-hop profile over the last five years by prefacing his films with his own rap videos. This summer his celebrity reached new heights after he was solicited (successfully) by Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana for on-camera work. Knowing Pumper is as talkative as he is muscular VIBE phoned his cell for not exactly a Q&A––the adult actor doesn’t really need conventional queries to divulge about his mother being a crackhead, his bedroom grade for Larry Fishburne’s seed or his desire to “tutor” Beyonce––but an extremely interesting (X-rated) conversation nonetheless. Kiss the babies goodnight. 



PG#1 PULL: “A lot of n#ggas don’t take time to learn women’s bodies, how to excite a female and really satisfy a girl. I became like a sex god, like a real sex doctor, because I asked questions.”


PG#2 PULL: “Like I’m really finessing this hip hop porno sh#t because see, nasty songs have been current for years. Everybody, even gangsta rappers, gonna have a sex song or ladies’ man song on their album.”


PG #3 PULL: “I think [Beyonce’s] a freak. I’m magnificent at just looking at a girl and reading her level of freakiness.”



Usually artists like Big Daddy Kane and Snoop Dogg start rhyming then transition into the pornographic world. How’d you get into porno first?

Around 19 I was always watching pornos so I was a big time playboy mack. I was the only nigga that had a passion to please women. Because I asked questions, I became a real sex doctor. I wasn’t one of them that just wanted to get my jollies off.

Uh huh

So naturally, I was gifted in the bedroom ‘cause bitches left and right was giving me feedback like ‘Oh my God, that [sex] was crazy. Boy you off the chain! My man don’t even do it to me like that.’ So all that’s getting to my head. I been watchin’ pornos since I was young… I just like challenges but this is before the music.


Ok so how did you start rapping?

I always listened to rap. I’m a fan of NY music 100% to the fullest. Busta Rhymes; back in the days, LL Cool J; anything that knocked. Traveling to the NY clubs, I was taking the train; me and my best friend running trains on bitches. My mouthpiece, swag, charisma and game was stupid. Fuckin’ bitches in arcade bathrooms. So before the idea came about to start rapping, I was just a lil’ horny nigga.


So how did you start rapping?

Well really, there’s never been a porn star that crossed into mainstream rap. If niggas really know their porno history, there’s a nigga named Jake Steed. He was wack. He tried to rap but niggas respected him ‘cause back in the days competition was slim. So basically he made money ‘cause there weren’t that many black porno companies around to choose from so niggas had no choice but to watch Jake Steed productions. People appreciated it because it was ethnic porn and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hello? You still with me?

Uh huh

I’m really finessing this hip hop porno shit because nasty songs have been current for years. Everybody, even gangsta rappers, gonna have a sex song or ladies’ man song on their album. I’m the sex song king. I got other topics––I wanna do a Grandma song ‘cause my grandma was there for me more than my mother. My mother was a crackhead, but I love her. So when I first started rappin I knew my niche was gonna be sex songs ‘cause you gotta keep it real about what you do and the fans will respect you. I was a little insecure of the idea ‘cause the feedback I got when I first started rappin was ‘Yo Pump, you a porno star so #1, nobody gonna take you seriously and #2, you doing sex songs, they too explicit for the radio.’ But then I heard other niggas coming out with sex songs: Ying Yang Twins––“Wait til you see my dick, I’m gon beat that pussy up;” Plies got “Gimme That Becky” a song about fuckin a bitch throat. Squeeze my meat, spit on the head. I’m like ‘Hold on, niggas is getting away with that right there? Ok.


Do you rap just to add to your porno’s entertainment value or are you really serious with MC’n? 

Yeah, I’m real serious with the music. It’s not a game. 


What’s the reception been like from other rappers?

That’s a good question.  Honestly, my plan for that is to just be myself, don’t front, just keep it real. What that’s gonna do is basically power through all the haters. The haters is gonna look like clowns at the end of the day.


Are there any notable rappers who are B. Pumper fans?

I’m sure there are.


So there aren’t any who have actually let you know they’re fans?

Uhhh, let me see. My nigga Spliff Star from Flip Mode… we actually cut a song. I’ve given Chamillionaire the Fattys, Rhymes & Dimes dvd, I’ve given 50 the Fattys, Rhymes & Dimes dvd. Niggas fuck with me. 50 told my nigga Nelson to call me [and said] “Tell Pumper to just get us all his music videos and Youtubes, take out the penetration and the nudity and clean it up and we gonna pump those.” Niggas is helping at branding me as a mainstream artist.


Aight so what’s the deal with Montana? Did you know that was Laurence Fishburne’s daughter when you first met her?

At first, I didn’t. She called me and she introduced herself as Laurence Fishburne’s daughter.  It’s funny, I know niggas probably think I’m crazy for this but I got a million and one things going.  I don’t know everything. I don’t watch every show, every movie. Sometimes I’m outta the loop on certain shit.  But when she told me Laurence Fishburne, I couldn’t picture the face… the name rung bells I just couldn’t match a face with the name.


So professionally speaking, how would you grade her sex skills?

Her head game was medium.  It wasn’t bad. I mean, it did the trick, but I’ve had better head. Shout out to Pinky––she’s a head master. But Montana Fishburne is cute. She got a cute mouth.  I nutted in her mouth at the end of the scene, she swallowed, she smiled. Her pussy felt good.  It was soft. She stayed wet. I would fuck her again anytime.


You have any children?

I got a daughter. She’s 11


Kind of ironic that you have a daughter and you just stretched Laurence Fishburne’s. What if in eight years your daughter wanted to get into the porno…

I’d respect that. I’d have to talk with my daughter to make sure she’s fully educated on what she’s getting into and if that’s truly what she wants to pursue. But I would support my daughter in anything she wants to do. It don’t get no realer than that.


I know you do the sex thing for a living and all but everybody watches pornos, female celebrities included. Have you been approached by any for unprofessional purposes?

Yeah but I can’t say no names.


Outside of the porno industry, who would you love to have sex with off screen?

Ooooooohhhh…, I’ll take Beyonce


Why Beyonce?

I think she’s a freak. I’m magnificent at just looking at a girl and reading her level of freakiness.


You’re saying you have like a freakiness radar?

Yeah I got a freakiness radar… and I can show her some shit. I’m sure she’s got it in her but I can bring more out of Beyonce. I’m sure she’s gifted but by the time I’m done with her her mind’s gonna be fucked up. I wouldn’t say fucked up… she’ll be much more happy, more jolly.


Guess you’re not trying to get a deal with Roc Nation, huh? 

[Laughs] You funny for that!